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Update by user Jul 25, 2018

On top of everything, Costco Travel reps have also told me to deal with it myself at this point. They have no control to do anything BUT maybe after I get back home they can file a complaint to see IF the resort will do something......


So I should accept my vacation is ruined and just bear it and then file something when I get home INCASE they change their tune? Costco REFUND ME!

Original review posted by user Jul 25, 2018

My wife and I booked via CostcoTravel believing they were like any other agent and they had more knowledge of larger properties than a simple “copy and paste” of the resorts brochure and then take a cut.

Sadly this meant they stated the beach was the best in Mexico, when in fact it smelled like septic due to an over abundance of seaweed that has been going on for years and has been horrible for the past two months. This advisory would have caused us to NOT book and pay extra for a beach resort and a swim out that we couldn’t use close to the beach and the piles of seaweed that is rotting as they move it all day long. Secrets Maroma Beach Cancun is the resort. $7,000 plus US is my loss, time for paying a sitter for kids is more $$ lost, time off work is vacation time I can’t replace.

Costco’s response - sorry not our control. Airline first class we booked seats next to each other and we seated at opposite ends AND sides in first class. Car to transport from airport in Cancun to Resort - didn’t have our information thus we sat in limbo for 45 minutes.

Now two days later, hours wasted in sorting it all out myself, and the ONLY resolution is them moving me FURTHER from the beach that I paid to be closer to. I am told if I want to switch resorts I will pay fees to check out early.

Nothing to make my wife and I feel better about not being able to use the beach as we wanted.

This quality would have cost me less than HALF the money had I wanted just a great pool resort.

Costco needs to step up! Not put it all off like they aren’t to blame. Travel agents are supposed to have a certain level of responsibility to their clients to inform of issues as large as a beach resort not having a fully usable beach.

Like a car dealership without cars.

Honestly it is HIGH time companies like CostcoTravel are made to take FULLNESS a responsibility for this type of issue.

My wife and I haven’t been able to take a vacation without kids in 7 years now and most likely won’t for another. This is a major deal for us and a large amount of money we spent. And Costco should have known enough to place an advisory about the smell and the massive amounts of seaweed on the beach and allowed me to make a choice based on ALL the info.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Travel Vacation Package.

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