Costco Travel Alaska Cruise Booking Reviews

We have had amazing experience with Costco Warehouse for years and so we decided to book our Alaska vacation through costco travel. We spent a great deal and checked on various things including cuisine prior to booking. Unfortunately we has a terrible on-board food experience and being on the cruise ship we were locked. We returned and shared our experience with Costco travel. Unfortunately the customer service mentioned that there was no...
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We have 4 couples that have booked a cruise to Alaska through Costco. The whole thing has been a nightmare working with Costco. There have been several items that we were not told about or only told partial information - so there have been several surprises already and we have not even taken the trip yet. We are all afraid of the additional surprises we are going to encounter on the trip and most of us really don't even want to go anymore. ...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Poor and incorrect information given poor customer service