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Odds are if you are reading this, it's too late. Please, please read the terms and conditions of your contract BEFORE you pay a penny.

Let me repeat myself and yell: READ THE TRMS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR CONTRACT. The majority of the issues in the Costco forum are caused by, let me say this delicately, buyers ignorance. Some of you spend near 5,000 dollars for a once in a lifetime honeymoon vacation, but didn't take 10 minutes to read over the terms and conditions. Most of you can't claim the seller hid the information because the terms and conditions are right there on the internet, in english, for the world to see.

Life can teach expensive lessons and if you don't watch Judge Judy then you should. Caveat emptor.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I would highly advise anyone looking to make a trip with Costco Travel to call them. Even if you do not wish to book with costco you can easily run any vacation plan by them to pick their brain. some are more knowledgeable then others but its a free service and can help catch simple mistakes.

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