Trip was to Orlando (Disney World) for my daughter's 6th birthday. After getting a baby, a 6 year old and a disabled husband on the plane (difficult), I thought we were home free.

The flight was cancelled due to a medical issue with the co-pilot. Stood in line all day to re-book our flight, which was then scheduled to leave at midnight and have a lay over b/4 leaving again at 11:30am to Orlando. We went back home and after feeding everyone I called to let the hotel and car agency know we would not arrive until 4pm the next day. The hotel could not locate our reservation, and told us we would have to call Costco Travel.

Of course Costco Travel closes at 5pm my time. At this point I could not imagine getting my family back on a plane overnight with a layover to boot....when we didn't even have a room. I cancelled the trip and received a refund from the airline (booked ourselves outside of Costco). The next morning when I tried to call Costco Travel I was on hold for over an hour.

I got my husband's phone and called the Costco number to book a new reservation and of course someone answered in 12 minutes. Costco told me I would need to call the travel insurance number to file a claim (purchased thru Costco).

When I talked Travelguard they told me my claim would not be covered because the insurance did not cover something that was not under my control (like the pilot's illness). We are still going to file a claim, but it looks like we're out $2721.01 plus the cost of useless travel insurance for $128.00 and....my luggage is still out there somewhere.

Monetary Loss: $2729.

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